Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boy Room Inspiration

Boy's Room Inspiration

The Plan:  Navy Blue Walls, Orange/Red Dresser, Dark Wood Furniture.

Actually going with this wall color.  Love the color schem of this room!
Love the pillows, photos, painted dresser, use of neutrals.
boy room
Jakob wants a map above his bed. I think we can arrange something like this.
eclectic kids by Splendid Willow

Would love to do something like this.  I have one little section where I could, but it isn't a great place.  These rooms are tiny and two beds (one being a toddler bed) and a dresser take up the whole room.  Oh, but wouldn't it be pretty!  Maybe I'll just hang a couple on the wall.  Love the rope, but it kindof makes me laugh.  Wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house.  I'm fearful of what my children would do with it!

I have to make something that says this.  Karter just got over a phase where he would say this in the morning.  Love hearing his sweet little voice in the morning. 
sweet baby wake-up
Something like this above Karter's bed.  With a big "K", photos, and prints.  May a shelf with pegs under for items.
Pinned Image
I have a map of the world and am wanting to get a smaller map of Portland. Also want to incorporate some boats, again at Jakob's request. I also ordered name prints for the boys. New creamy knobs for the orange/red dresser. Possibiliy of stars on the wall. Of course some decorated initials will be added. Book storage by each of their beds. Wicker baskets somewhere, yes I think we must.  Oh so fun!

All the woodwork  is installed in the kid's room.  Painter coming to bid job on Saturday, woodwork in bathroom coming this Monday.  Below are photos of what will be the boys room after the trim was removed.  Loved the bright blue these last three years but am so ready for a change!  Beds and misc. items shoved to the center of the room.  Photos are so far from great, but thought I would share.  Great picture of how crazy it can get in a remodel, even a small project like this.  Basically our kid's bedrooms are dumped and messy for a few weeks.  I'm hoping we can get everything scheduled and completed in less then three weeks.  Lots of delays already. 

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