Saturday, May 12, 2012

Organized Toy Shelves

Did I ever tell you that we finished the basement?  Well we did.  We opened up our little "L" shaped basement into the single car garage and finished off the whole space.  We finished it right before we went to Hawaii.  Morning sickness set in a few weeks after we got back so I wasn't able to do much before I was our of commision for a bit. 

So now I have been working on getting it organized and set up.  It is mostly set up with our old furniture, so nothing fancy, but it is getting their.  We are planning on buying some new living room furniture for our upstairs and will move our large sectional and TV downstairs so there is a big open space in one of our areas.  There are also corners that need something and I'm letting them just be for now, so not quite done yet, but I thought I would share some areas that are completed.

This basement will fill many of our needs (it is a huge area).  We are planning to bring all the toys downstairs, so it will serve as a toy room.  My craft area takes up one corner.  Steve desks takes up a section.  We will have the sectional and TV in an area.  We also have a sitting area and a table with chairs set up. 

So today I'm sharing where most of the toys will be housed.  This basement is full of color so I just threw all the colorful baskets together. 

 I put last year's yearly photos in frames. 

 These were fun labels to make and they attached pretty easily.  We'll see how well they'll help us stay organized!

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