Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In The Midst of all This...

So, life can be a funny thing sometimes.  No matter how hard you plan, simplify, accept, plan, simplify, accept, life still loves to throw those curveballs.  This is our house right now.  The kids furniture from both bedrooms and the bathroom sink are sitting in our living room dining room.
 It is quite a mess and has been quite a mess.  On top of that, I started modified bed rest a couple weeks ago, the day before the last day of school for the kiddos.  We have been sitting with all this stuff staring at us for the last couple of weeks patiently (sometimes not so patiently) waiting for our painters to come and paint.  Finally we got the call this last week that they could stop by to look at it and start the following Monday (yesterday.)  They showed up yesterday masking off and putting up plastic in each of the rooms.  So exciting to see this last step begin.  The only drawback to all this is we have company, my sister Marie and niece Rem, coming into town tonight.  I realized the painting would not be done and modified my plans, making a new plan of where they would sleep, what bathroom they would use, etc.  Working hard to accept the fact that the house would be turned upside when she arrived!
 Mind you, I can only get up to do things a bit throughout the day.  I feel very limited on what I can do, but I'm trying hard to be good and stick to the modified bed rest schedule.  So I made a list of things that I wanted done before our guests arrived, doing little things throughout the day for the last few days,  and was feeling pretty good this morning.  Ignoring the unswept floors and the dusty furniture, the house was picked up, the bathrooms were wiped down, and the beds were made.  All the ;laskdjfcrazy kid items were stacked neatly in our main living area.  We were set.  Then I got a call that our new furniture had arrived and could they deliver it in a couple hours.   Ummmmmmm, sure, I mean who says no to new furniture, right????

Backtracking a bit,  I've been eyeing this furniture for almost 9 months now and wanting to buy it.  I finally did a couple weeks ago.  I read that it takes 2-6 weeks to deliver.  Most of the reviews said that it took a long time to deliver.  I thought I was safe.  I thought for sure the painting would be done by the time it got here.  Well, surprise, surprise, it arrived today.

So, I called Steve and miracle of all miracles he was able to come home and move the sectional from our upstairs to our downstairs.  Up went the bed that was made for Marie and Rem's arrival, everything got moved.  The new furniture arrived and was put in the correct room.  How and when I will be arranging it is yet to be seen.
And here is a photo of the loveseat.  There is a leather sofa that was delivered as well that is not in the photo.   And no that is not where the loveseat is going to end up.  Not quite sure where it will end up, but not there, but that is where it is at for now.  Crazy, crazy!  Today of all days.  But what exciting things they really all are.

Feeling very grateful for all that we have been blessed with.  That we can remodel this house and buy new furniture.  That the reason I can't do much is that we do have a baby on the way, a sweet baby boy at that.  And the best part of the day, we have family coming into town in a few short hours.

So, come on over Marie and Rem.  It is a mess and we are in the middle of a few major projects.  Our bathrooms are not all functioning and we have tags on our sofas, but we are ready for a nice long visit.  There will be lots of sitting (I'm doing so much of that now), lots of good food, conversation, maybe a couple good movies, crazy kids, and your fill of messes.  Come and join the fun.


  1. I want to join your fun! Miss you Callie!

  2. I was telling Chad I wonder how Calli is doing with this pregnancy? I can't remember if I told you that we are expecting a little boy in September too. 10/11/12. You have so much going on right now. Wish we were there to help. Miss you guys!