Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kid's Rooms Update

The bedrooms have all the trim up.  Thought I would share some photos of the process.

So below is what will be the boy's room with all the trim up.  See the pretty trim around the windows.  Waiting for our painter to give us a bid and hoping they can get done this next week.  Beds are shoved in the center of the room.
 Here is what will be Isabelle and the Baby's room. (Can't wait to find our what we are having!)  In this room we had a shelf with pegs installed.  That will all be painted white when the room is painted.
 Here is our new floorboard trim.  Steve wasn't too impressed, but I think trim makes such a difference!
 Here is a sneak peek at the dresser that will go in Isabelle and Baby's room.  Isn't it pretty??  Not sure if  I will keep the floral knobs if it is a boy.  We'll see how it looks in the space.  It can't be too girly for a baby boy.

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