Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Organization

I organized a bit more yesterday.  I have been wanting to switch a few drawers around and make it a bit more functional in the kitchen.  I'm always amazed by how messy my drawers are once I pull everything out.  Vacuumed, washed, and restocked.  Oh, that is so much better.  Am I the only one you loves to go pack and peak at my organized drawers at various times throughout the day?  I love that feeling of accomplishment.

So, this Tuesday is 20 weeks and that means that I need to start staying down a lot more.  I'm hoping to avoid complete bedrest during this pregnancy by starting early with modified bedrest.  So, I've been counting down the days and trying to get as much organizing and household projects done before I'm limited in what I can do. 

The bedrooms and bathroom are still not finished.  We are waiting for our painter to come.  I was so hoping to get those rooms finished before this modified bedrest came into play, but I've been able to do a lot of projects that are ready to go into the rooms as soon as the paint is dry.  We will have to save the rest for later.

And in other news, this next week will be our 20 week ultrasound where we will find out if this little baby of ours is of the male variety or the female.  Can't wait!!

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