Monday, July 30, 2012

We have cancelled most of our activities this summer since I'm on modified bedrest.  No running around to the park, or to sporting events, or to kid classes.  We have been spending LOTS of time at home!!  Each day we have a summer school schedule (lots of reading) that we are working on , morning chores, free time, and lots of outdoor play.  Sometimes we turn on the TV or a show in the afternoon.  It is more TV then I would like, but  I'm pregnant, and on modified bedrest, so I'm giving myself a break!  Still trying to limit the TV and enjoy just being together.

Another thing we have kept up with is piano lessons for Jakob.  This has been something he just started this last year.  He actually started in Setember of 2011, stop in December, and started back up in April 2012.  (His teacher's schedule was quite busy!)  It has been fun to watch him as he is learning to play.  It is definitely something I'm making him do!!  He does get frustrated at times, especially that first day of practicing his new songs, but he is really starting to enjoy all the songs he knows.  He usually has most of his pieces memorized by his lesson the next week.

The above photo is him at his second recital that was held this last June.  He did great!  He doesn't seem to be nervous at all playing in front of a crowd (I remember being so nervous playing at recitals when I was little) and it was so fun to see him do well.  I love that he will have this basic knowledge of music, I think it is so important.  Love seeing him learn and grow in this way!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Manzanita at the Oregon Coast

The day wasn't as warm as we had hoped.  The weather promised sun but we didn't see much of that.  It was still a day full of kite flying, burying kids in the sand, jumping in the cold ocean water, me hanging out in my comfy beach chair with a book, and pretty flowers from my girl.  Ending the day with  clam chowder at a lovely place in Rockaway, and a calm drive home.  A beautiful way to spend a Saturday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Boy's First Scrapbook Page

I actually did this page the afternoon after my 20 week ultrasound, when we found out we were having a boy.  I love that I was able to celebrate him as a worked on this page, imagining what kind of little guy he will be.  I also typed up a scrapbook plan for him and decided on a scrapbook binder color (dark blue).  Hoping to look forward and plan as much as I can now before this little guy is born, knowing that my days will be spent doing more important things this fall and winter. 

P.S.  These photos, actually all the photos that have been taken since January, have been taken with my iphone.  I've loved using it but have missed the quality of my camera.  I think I figured out the problem with my camera the other day (really don't know what I'm doing) and am hoping to post better quality pictures, atleast of my scrapbook projects, soon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I Scrapbook...

I scrapbook for many reasons but watching my munchkins enjoy our scrapbooks has to be the one that is the most rewarding and makes it all worth it.  I love watching them explore and enjoy the books I have made.  I remember looking at photos albums that my mom put together when I was a little girl and loving the connection I had to mememories, people, and experiences.  I love that I'm giving that to my littles while I document the everyday moments of my life. 

I actually have been scrapbooking more in the last couple of years and plan to do more over the next couple months before baby boy makes his fall debut.  I've really been trying to simplify the process to make it more doable for a family with soon to be 4 kiddos.  I want to share what I've been up to and what I'm doing to record our lives.  I thought I would take each Friday to share some scrapbooking pages with you and record what I'm doing.  So tomorrow I'll begin. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Birthdays

All my kids have summer birthdays.  I have loved celebrating them in the summer so close together.   It is intense (for me), a fun season to share with the kiddos, and the warm weather opens up all sorts of possibilities.  I'm also excited for this next little one to have his own season to celebrate.  October is a great month to have a birthday, or so I've heard.  Birthdays were simple this year.  We have friend parties every other year.  This was an off year which worked well with my modified bedrest (which is going well, by the way).  So get ready for a mega birthday post, heavy on the photos.   

Jakob 9th Birthday

A Birthday filled with Breakfast in bed, donut cake, trip to town with Dad, Harry Potter Lego Castle, Toys R Us, Cashew Chicken, and Barnes and Noble.

Isabelle 6th Birthday

 A Birthday filled with a special breakfast, pedicure and yogurt date with mom, new lazy day skirt in pretty yellow, picnic at the park, apple pie, Toys R Us, Red Robin, and a blue sparkly bike you could "see yourself in."

Karter's 4th Birthday

 A Birthday filled with a yummy pancake breakfast, waking up to a new teepee filled with presents, a day of movies (all he wanted to do!), Sweet Tomatoes, Toys R Us, a new Cars Lego set, and a chocolate cream pie.

Simple and joyful days celebrating my favorite littles. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Columbia River

A Saturday at Hood River.  Hanging out with family.  Hot day, cool river, wet dog.  Happy, tired kids.  Loving just being together on a hot summer day.