Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Birthdays

All my kids have summer birthdays.  I have loved celebrating them in the summer so close together.   It is intense (for me), a fun season to share with the kiddos, and the warm weather opens up all sorts of possibilities.  I'm also excited for this next little one to have his own season to celebrate.  October is a great month to have a birthday, or so I've heard.  Birthdays were simple this year.  We have friend parties every other year.  This was an off year which worked well with my modified bedrest (which is going well, by the way).  So get ready for a mega birthday post, heavy on the photos.   

Jakob 9th Birthday

A Birthday filled with Breakfast in bed, donut cake, trip to town with Dad, Harry Potter Lego Castle, Toys R Us, Cashew Chicken, and Barnes and Noble.

Isabelle 6th Birthday

 A Birthday filled with a special breakfast, pedicure and yogurt date with mom, new lazy day skirt in pretty yellow, picnic at the park, apple pie, Toys R Us, Red Robin, and a blue sparkly bike you could "see yourself in."

Karter's 4th Birthday

 A Birthday filled with a yummy pancake breakfast, waking up to a new teepee filled with presents, a day of movies (all he wanted to do!), Sweet Tomatoes, Toys R Us, a new Cars Lego set, and a chocolate cream pie.

Simple and joyful days celebrating my favorite littles. 

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