Monday, July 30, 2012

We have cancelled most of our activities this summer since I'm on modified bedrest.  No running around to the park, or to sporting events, or to kid classes.  We have been spending LOTS of time at home!!  Each day we have a summer school schedule (lots of reading) that we are working on , morning chores, free time, and lots of outdoor play.  Sometimes we turn on the TV or a show in the afternoon.  It is more TV then I would like, but  I'm pregnant, and on modified bedrest, so I'm giving myself a break!  Still trying to limit the TV and enjoy just being together.

Another thing we have kept up with is piano lessons for Jakob.  This has been something he just started this last year.  He actually started in Setember of 2011, stop in December, and started back up in April 2012.  (His teacher's schedule was quite busy!)  It has been fun to watch him as he is learning to play.  It is definitely something I'm making him do!!  He does get frustrated at times, especially that first day of practicing his new songs, but he is really starting to enjoy all the songs he knows.  He usually has most of his pieces memorized by his lesson the next week.

The above photo is him at his second recital that was held this last June.  He did great!  He doesn't seem to be nervous at all playing in front of a crowd (I remember being so nervous playing at recitals when I was little) and it was so fun to see him do well.  I love that he will have this basic knowledge of music, I think it is so important.  Love seeing him learn and grow in this way!

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