Friday, August 17, 2012

Project Life April 2012

April 2012
 Of course it was Easter this month.  The last 2 years I have done a couple different things with my Easter photos.  The first year I did a 12x12 insert to scrapbook Easter.  The second year I used one of the pocket 12x12 inserts and folded it in half.  This year I decided to do a couple different smaller inserts to document Easter.  I was going for the layered look.  It didn't turn out to be my favorite but it was fun to experiment with.  Here is the first 5x10 insert.  I just cut down an 81/2x11 and sewed along the side.
 Here is the back of the same page.  Just photos of each of the kids Easter morning in their new Easter outfits.
 Here is the next page.  I have been using my iphone and instagram A LOT to take photos.  Of course they are square, which I love, but it has been a challenge to use these photos in my scrapbooking.  I've cropped a lot of them to the size I need to fit in pockets but I'm also trying to leave them in their square shape.  This is one way I have been able to do that.  These are a bunch of collected 2x2 instagram photos of our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and more photos of the kids on Sunday.  Lots of cutting involved but it was fun to slip them into slots.  I found the page protectors on amazon.  I think they are meant for slides.  These have been fun to work with. 
 Close up.  You can see I did a couple 4x4 photos and just cut them up.
Close up of the backside of the Easter collage.
On the right I did a 8 1/2x11 insert.  I enlarged a photo of the view from our front porch.  Rainbow in the sky, our trees in front with their pink blooms, love!
 Just the back of the enlarged photo.  A bunch of 3x3 everyday photos cropped  and put together.  I labeled them with Martha Stewart labels from Staples new line.  I also stitched down the letters and numbers. 
 Last page.
 As you can see this month I had tons of photos!!  I added a couple more of the flip up homemade inserts.  Just made them with cardstock and they work great.  I just added tabs so you can see that they need to be flipped. 
 Here is a sneak peak of May.  Just wanted to show how easy this process is to keep everything in one place and work on it in small steps.  I've printed out my photos for May and June, slipped them into their pockets, added some journaling cards, and I just have to sit down and journal, put the inserts together, and add embellishments.  I can make it as complicated or easy as I would like.
 Here is June.  Already cut up the 2x2 photos of a trip we took to Hood River.  You can see some photos coming out of the pockets.  But they are all collected in the same place.
 I haven't printed out all my photos for July yet.  I did print out photos from a trip to the beach and am planning to put it in another 2x2 square page divider that I slipped in.  We also took the kid's yearly professional photos this month and I have those slipped in to a 12x12 page protector waiting to be worked on. 
So, so, so fun!  I hope that you can see how easy it is to work with these products and how nice it feels to have thing organized and to get things scrapbooked!  Love that it is August and I'm close to being caught up with our Family Album for the year.  We will see how long it last when this new baby makes his appearance, but I do feel like I'm getting a great system into place, one I can work on in 5, 10, 30 mintues chunks.  Whatever works at the time.

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