Friday, August 3, 2012

Project Life - How I'm Scrapbooking Now!

So, this is the way I'm scrapbooking our family albums now.  I've been doing this since 2010 and as far as I can tell I haven't talked about it at all on my blog!  I can't believe this will be my 3rd year doing it and I still love it!  Love it because it is so much easier or more organized than the way I was doing it before!  Love it because I can scrapbook all the moments of our lives, the big events and the small moments.  Love how fun it is to scrapbook in little pockets, a lot less thinking involved.

Becky Higgins came up with Project Life and sells the products for scrapbooking this way.  I purchased her first kit in 2010 and am still using it.  She began to sell it as an idea to take a picture a day, now many are doing a week spread of photos they have taken that week and not worrying about a picture a day.  I started out with a picture a day and it was just way to much for me!  Not to mention, where would I store the 3-4 albums I would fill each year.  I've decided to do each scrapbook spread by the month.  Instead of coming up wtih 7 pictures a week, I just chose my favorite 7 of the month.  I have now graduated from this idea to now just scrapbooking a month of photos (however many I have or want to scrapbook.)  If I have more I'll add inserts, flip-ups, print collages, etc.  So many ways to do this!  So many great ideas to get from the internet! 

Instead of sharing my 2010 book and 2011 book (which are pretty much done, by the way, how exciting is that!)  I'll start with this years book.  Maybe I'll share my other books in a video. 

January 2012
First page with inserts.  I had lots of inserts this month, lots of extra pictures!

Hawaii Insert
I ended up doing a mini album of our trip (I'll have to share it!) but I wanted a page I could have in our family album.  So, I just printed off a few pictures of our trip and through a page together.  Just filled up some 3.5"x5" photo slots.  Easy and fun!

Close up of Hawaii back page.

Let It Snow 
It snowed in January.  I had some fun photos of the day that I wanted to insert on their own page.

Back of let it snow.

 Insert of a page of Everyday Moments.
 Last Page. 
 Covering up the bottom corner.  Couldn't resist adding a photo of Isabelle sitting on the toilet, with her backpack, eating an apple.  Didn't want to share with the world!
 February was pretty simple.  No extra inserts.  You can see the base scrapbook spread (8 4"x6" pockets, 8 3"x4" pockets.)

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