Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Days That Shape Our Lives

We have been trying to stick with a summer routine around here.  Up around 7am (do your kids sleep in in the summer??), lazy mornings, 9am-10-1030am summer school, 10-1030am-1130am chores, 1130am lunch, 12:00pm free time with educational games, occasional crafts and artist study, tv (more times then I would like this summer, I would like to have it off, but this pregnant mama sometimes needs to nap!), outside play, etc.,  500pm dinner, evening together as a family. 

We have gone to the beach a couple times and a couple times to the pool.  We have had out of town family visit and we have had a campfire in our backyard.  We took a daytrip to the Columbia River Gorge.  We have had afternoons spent outside for hours playing in the sprinklers.  We have had sunburns and popcycles, painting and projects.  Lots of time reading in the Cub Scout Bear Book.  Also getting a jumpstart on chapter books as our soon to be 4th grader decides if he wants to do the "Battle of the Books" this next year in school.  We have kept up on piano practice.  We have worked on sight words and reading for our girl and we are working on letters and sounds with our baby boy, who is not such a baby anymore and shortly will be lovingly kicked out of this position he has enjoyed for the last 4 years.  It has been a full summer! 

Just typing this makes me feel oh so grateful for the days that I have.  Focusing on the positive, which is what I like to do on this blog of mine, helps me see all that we are doing instead of all that we aren't doing.  This summer is also full of 3rd trimester pregnancy and modified bedrest.  We limited all our activities for the summer and spend most of our weekdays here at home.  The only activities the kids are signed up for are piano and Cub Scout Camp for Jakob.  We have been stuck here at home for most of our days and I have to admit that I have felt at times that we have been just that, stuck!  With the ups and downs of relationships, in a family that is always together and with children who want to go and do oh so many fun things, it can be challenging at times to keep our focus on the positive.  These are the days that shape us.  This summer, just a moment really.  And the positives certainly outweight the negatives.  I have to admit that the situation our family finds itself in at this moment is what helps us focus on all the things that we wouldn't normally have time to focus on.  It is all about attitude and where we focus our thoughts and energy.  These are truly the days that shape our lives! 

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