Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Boy Names

Steve asked me to post a list of boy names.  We still aren't coming together on names that we like for this little guy.  I most certainly have my favorite but Steve is having a hard time.  I posted this in the bathroom on Steve's side of the mirror for Steve to see daily.  I highlighted my favorite name.  We'll see if this inspires him to further discussion on the subject.  We may just have a little over a week before a decision needs to be made, no rush..... 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red Toesies

I snuck a pedicure in this last week.  The thought of trying to paint my toes was a bit much for me.  This little man of mine lives in my ribcage (or so it seems) and bending is getting less and less of an option.  I couldn't help thinking as I was staring at my new red toesies that these would be the toes I would see when I'm in the hospital having this little guy.  Have I said lately how excited I am to meet this little man?? 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Two Wallaces

Karter and I have been having a conversation lately that goes something like this. 
Karter:  "My name is just Karter."
Me:  "Your name is just Karter?  Just Karter?  So it isn't Karter Wallace?"
Karter:  "Yes, my name is just Karter Wallace."
Me:  "So, your name is just Karter Wallace?  Not Karter Wallace Moon?"
Karter:  "Yeeeeeees, my name is just Karter Wallace Moon."
He thinks this conversation is pretty silly and I kind of love it myself.
 Karter is getting a big kick out of the fact that he has the same middle name as Steve!  They both are pretty cute about being our "two Wallaces."  Love that they have this connection.
They really are so much alike.  Both very detail oriented and paticular about certain things.  They love to be extra clean and both like to have things done a certain way.  It is so interesting to watch them.   

It has been so fun to spend my day with this 4 year old man!  He plays so well on his own and we have such lovely, quiet moments together throughout the day.  We talk about the coming weeks when our new baby brother will join our days.  We talk about how we will work together to take care of our new baby.  He will be such a good big brother to this new little addition.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I spent this last week working on crafts for this big church activity that is coming up this next week.  It has been fun to sit and do, since I'm still sitting most of the days.  This was a spring banner that I did, much like the fall banner I posted earlier this week.  Love, love, love the colors.  I would love to decorate a room in this colors.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day By Day

Working...on banners and such for an upcoming church activity. work on preparing for this new little one.  Lots of cloth diapers to wash (and some to order.)  Steve just went out and bought some disposable diapers.  Completely his idea, just as a backup he tells me.  I think he is VERY nervous about this cloth diaper venture. kids being in school all day.  Watching Isabelle struggle a bit as she gets home from school, a bit tired and grumpy.  Navigating through the evening, trying tofind what works best for her.
Enjoying...the summerlike weather this far into September.
Wearing...anything that fits over my belly.  Okay, maybe not ANYTHING!
Finally...breaking out the freezer meals.  We have only used a few so far but they have been very helpful additions to our days.  So grateful I put the time into doing these this last Spring. Pandora a lot as I work on projects.  Jotting down new songs I want to add to my itune library. family enjoying a trip to the pool, outdoor play, and wrestling matches on the living floor. 
Hoping...for 2013 to be filled with a lush garden, homegrown veggies, and lots of canning and preserving. (I should post a picture of our weed pile garden this year.  It would add some reality to this post.)
Patiently...understanding a big part of this year's focus is on creating and supporting this new little one that will be joining our family soon.  Some things have been put on hold until our new little guy joins us. 
Waiting...for this next month when we get to meet our latest addition. soak up these last few weeks of just the 5 of us.  Trying to enjoy every moment of life and not rush it along.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just A Happy Place

This little area spent most of the last few months with a couple empty picture frames and that family sign.  With staying down so much I haven't been able to do a lot of things around the house, though I have been able to do many "sitting down" projects.  I've slowly been putting it together and finally finished it and thought I would share.  I love the golds, yellows, and greys.

This little wire bird basket I have had and loved, but haven't known what to put in it.  I think it has basically stored Isabelle's socks or undies, who can remember...but I decided to fill it with some fun paper balls that I made in coordinating colors.  These came together quickly and added some fun color and texture to the mix.  Plus it was a great way to use up all those random paper pieces in my scrapbook stash.  Love that.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Autumn Banner

These are some banners I'm working on for our upcoming Super Saturday.  Still working through the process of deciding what to do.  So hard to choose something that people will like and that isn't too complicated.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day Of School 2012

 These three.  So much excitement. So much to look forward to.

 4th Grader.  Really, how is that even possible.  Very independent, very willing, very resourceful, very good and sweet.

My 1st Grader.  Very energetic, very loving and kind, very happy to be off, and yes, just a bit nervous.
My Preschool boy.  Very  photogentic, very kind and sensitive, very helpful, very excited for others to have some fun adventures, very hopeful that he will be off on his own adventures soon.
Sorry my boy, you can't leave me yet.  Just another year and it will be your turn to venture out into the world.  So many adventures await you, so many right here to be had.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School Dinner

Like so many other things this year, we kept our Back to School Dinner quite simple.  But the important things were there.  Good food and all of us together.  We talked a lot about staying safe, saying no to peer pressure, filling our minds with good things, the importance of friends, working hard at school, and some fun traditions that we will start as a family this coming year.   We ended the evening with 3 beautiful Father's Blessings.  We feel so blessed to live where we live and have what we have.  I'm taking time and reminding myself of all our blessings and living with a grateful heart through each transition of our lives.