Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day By Day

Working...on banners and such for an upcoming church activity.
Needing...to work on preparing for this new little one.  Lots of cloth diapers to wash (and some to order.)  Steve just went out and bought some disposable diapers.  Completely his idea, just as a backup he tells me.  I think he is VERY nervous about this cloth diaper venture.
Adjusting...to kids being in school all day.  Watching Isabelle struggle a bit as she gets home from school, a bit tired and grumpy.  Navigating through the evening, trying tofind what works best for her.
Enjoying...the summerlike weather this far into September.
Wearing...anything that fits over my belly.  Okay, maybe not ANYTHING!
Finally...breaking out the freezer meals.  We have only used a few so far but they have been very helpful additions to our days.  So grateful I put the time into doing these this last Spring.
Listening...to Pandora a lot as I work on projects.  Jotting down new songs I want to add to my itune library.
Watching...my family enjoying a trip to the pool, outdoor play, and wrestling matches on the living floor. 
Hoping...for 2013 to be filled with a lush garden, homegrown veggies, and lots of canning and preserving. (I should post a picture of our weed pile garden this year.  It would add some reality to this post.)
Patiently...understanding a big part of this year's focus is on creating and supporting this new little one that will be joining our family soon.  Some things have been put on hold until our new little guy joins us. 
Waiting...for this next month when we get to meet our latest addition.
Trying...to soak up these last few weeks of just the 5 of us.  Trying to enjoy every moment of life and not rush it along.

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  1. love this post even though you skipped Monday and went to Tuesday:) I would love to do that sometimes. Sounds like your busy as always!