Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Two Wallaces

Karter and I have been having a conversation lately that goes something like this. 
Karter:  "My name is just Karter."
Me:  "Your name is just Karter?  Just Karter?  So it isn't Karter Wallace?"
Karter:  "Yes, my name is just Karter Wallace."
Me:  "So, your name is just Karter Wallace?  Not Karter Wallace Moon?"
Karter:  "Yeeeeeees, my name is just Karter Wallace Moon."
He thinks this conversation is pretty silly and I kind of love it myself.
 Karter is getting a big kick out of the fact that he has the same middle name as Steve!  They both are pretty cute about being our "two Wallaces."  Love that they have this connection.
They really are so much alike.  Both very detail oriented and paticular about certain things.  They love to be extra clean and both like to have things done a certain way.  It is so interesting to watch them.   

It has been so fun to spend my day with this 4 year old man!  He plays so well on his own and we have such lovely, quiet moments together throughout the day.  We talk about the coming weeks when our new baby brother will join our days.  We talk about how we will work together to take care of our new baby.  He will be such a good big brother to this new little addition.

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