Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilt Top

Here is the quilt top my mom is working on for Beckett.  Love the fabric!  My parents headed back to Utah yesterday after a 3 week visit.  I still can't believe they were able to stay and take care of us for so long.  I can't even express how lovely it was to have them here.  My mom, in her usual fashion, just took over all the chores and childcare.  I was able to rest up quite a bit.  So grateful for her and hoping she will take it easy over the next little bit, she has earned a BIG break.  My dad went out shopping for us almost everyday.  We kept him busy with our many request.  Love them both so much!
  My mom and I picked out the fabric for the quilt one evening at JoAnns, just a quick trip, we left at 8:30pm from my house and had about 20 minutes to shop.  I really love the differences in the contrasting fabric and the fun colors!  It will go oh so well in his room, which I want to finish decorating by the way.  Can't wait to post the finish product.  I'm also working on a quilt for our newest guy.  I need to start back on that.  So many little projects coming together for this little guy!

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