Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily 2012: Day 2

We are reading The Hobbit together and I documented this or our second day of December.  I used an Ali Edward's brush on page one and a Martha Stewart tag, some sparkly letters, and some fun kraft paper letters on page two.  On page two I also typed the story of that evening directly onto the photo. 
JOURNALING:  I read The Hobbit to the kids tonight and they just loved it!  It is so fun to
watch them get into the story.  Jakob was so into it that he ended up taking it to bed so he could keep
reading.  Isabelle had to retell what we read to Steve, using quotation marks and comparing staying
on the path in the book to staying on the path in life.  I’m hoping to finish The Hobbit this week so we can read A Christmas Carol this December.  Love, love, love watching them love books.

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  1. I read Christmas Carol every year; rand out of time to re-read The Hobbit before it is released in theaters!