Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo Session

My friend Melissa of Life Photography tooks some photos of Beckett a couple weeks ago.  Love how they turned out!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

January 2013 Goals

Here are my January goals.  Yes, it is January 11th and I'm just posting these.  Crazy first days of January, actually, it has been crazy busy around here for awhile now.  But the kids are back in school and my life is much more scheduled and defined.  Though I only have a little over 1/2 a month to work on these goals, I'm determined to give it my best.  The 2 meals a week will help with my sugar and gluten free goal for the year.  I need to stock my arsenal with healthy, yummy meals.  The water and the sleep goals are also working towards better health and energy.  I'm excited to plan our trips for the year and work on Beckett's quilt. (I have a 1/4 of the top completed.)  I can't wait to celebrate our 11th Anniversary with my favorite person. 

He Was Blessed



Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 One Little Word & Yearly Goals

I woke up January 1st, put on my walking shoes, and enjoyed the chilly, sunshiny, first morning of this new year.  What a great way to start out 2013.  I have been thinking about goals for quite some time, so much is spinning around in my head, so much I want to accomplish this next year.  The most important being getting myself back in shape, getting healthy and fit.  After this last pregnancy with modified bedrest there is a lot to do and I know I have to stay focused if I'm going to accomplish what I want to this next year. 


My one little word for 2013 is determined.  I came up with the word a few weeks ago but didn't like that it sounded so forceful and so very not fun, but when I read the definition I was hooked.  It fits what I want to focus on this next year when it comes to goals, myself, relationships, and life in general. 

 De·ter·mined  /diˈtərmind/
Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it. 
I need this in my life, especially when it comes to healthy living and fitness.  I will be determined, I am determined.
  1. No processed sugar.
  2. No gluten.
  3. Spend less.
  4. Set monthly goals.
  5. Exercise 6 days a week.
  6. Read Ensign each month.
I know half of these goals are nutrition/fitness related.  I did this on purpose since I really want to focus on that this year.  I tried to keep these goals simple and easy to remember, conceptual goals I could easily keep tabs on.  They are daily habits I want to develop.  I also have my 35 in 35 (which I haven't forgotten) that is more like a to do list, lots of fun things to check off that list, so my yearly goals are more broad and habit forming.  We will see how it all goes, I'll keep you posted.