Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Mornings

I get to hang out with these two boys, everyday, and I love it.  They are constantly changing, teaching me, challenging me, and keeping me busy.  We have lots of fun together.  Lately we have been pretty relaxed and not too scheduled when it comes to our mornings together.  I try to get my chores done so I can relax more in the afternoon and evenings and the boys just follow me around and play. 

I have been thinking more about adding more of a schedule to our mornings.  Some simple and easy activities for the boys.  I'm thinking of having some items and activities that we work our way through in the mornings, so the boys can get use to a simple schedule and they can feel content and happy. 

Toys and the craft closet are in need of some real purging and organization.  In doing this I hope to keep these slow, thoughtful mornings in mind.  I know that rotating toys and activities will be part of this and I want to organize accordingly.  I also am planning to work on keeping activities super simple.  I have learned that you don't need every toy or workbook or art supply.  Simple and a small amount of variety can make all the difference.  Children don't need much to be creative and imaginative.

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