Friday, April 26, 2013

Right Now

Working on some small decorating projects that bring oh so much joy.

Playing outside in the sunshine and going on nice walks and bike rides with the kiddos.

Listening to my baby's sweet breathing as I check on him sleeping in his crib and feeling such gratitude for having him in our lives.

Finally getting out in the garden.  I think that the photo above is the only cleared patch of dirt in my beds, but I have a  new rototiller in the garage ready to be put to work.  Radishes and sweet peas already sprouting.

Still enjoying teal green and placing it where I can throughout our home.

Loving the lilacs that are blooming outside.

Hearing the sounds of the kid's playing WII on a Friday afternoon.

Packing for a trip.

Working on my baby boy's quilt.  Hoping to finally put the finishing touches on it soon.

Loving my days with my sweet family and friends.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Main Bathroom

I dreamed of horizontal planked walls.  Maybe wallpaper.  Light colors in the windowless room.  Finally, we started the process of getting it done.  Spring of 2012 the walls began to take on a new form.  By the summer it was painted.  This was last summer and by this time I was on modified bedrest with Beckett.  Not much I could do to pretty up my new bathroom.  So it waited.

After Beckett was born I was able to start putting together the new bathroom.  It took a long time for things to come together.  Not much spare time with 4 kids, one of them being a newborn babe.  The bathroom was not a priority. 

Today we are finally at a place where I can snap some photos.  I love the walls and the white!  The yellow, blues, and grays. 

Just a little bathroom.  I still want to make a curtain for under the sink and find a wicker laundry basket to fit between the toilet and sink.  Maybe find a place for a magazine rack on the wall.  But for now it feels done and that feels good. 

Find the rest of our home tour here.

 Just for fun, here was the bathroom before we moved in, the spring of 2009. 

We painted and put in some new trim.  We lived with this for a few years.  I was always a bit embaressed of this bathroom.  It was the kids bathroom, hard to keep clean, daily clothes and towels everywhere to pick up and keep tidy.  So glad that it is now all fixed up and presentable.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Evening Lights

Beckett has been trying lots of new foods lately.  His first taste of food was a sight to behold.  He couldn't get enough and loved every bite.  I've never seen a baby take to food so quickly.  He has also had his first "green" smoothie.  I just whipped together some blueberries and spinach and he ate it up.  I feel like I am so much more adventurous with baby food for him after these last few years of  \really trying to improve our eating habits.  So many healthy options for baby.

I was able to get away on a much needed shopping trip this last Friday.  Looking at the items I purchased I noticed an overarching theme.  I love that I'm drawn to neutrals and very little color, what a change from the last couple years.  I did find those orange wire baskets from Goodwill (I posted about them on my Pantry Organization Post) and am loving the soft, yummy orange.  So, I obviously still love color, well, a little color.  I brought home a combination of Goodwill, Ikea, and Target finds.

We are in the market for a new couch and upholstered bed.  I think I'm ready to order these two pieces and can't wait to welcome them home in the next few weeks.  Loving the sunny days we have been having and the later light in the evenings. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pantry Organization

What a mess! 
 This has been a long time coming.  I emptied, vacuumed, and wiped down.  I threw away packaging, reorganized items, and created space for baby items.  It needs labels and some fancying up, but I'm loving that it is clean and organized. 
I'm contemplating the thought of minimizing and simplifying what I keep on hand, pairing down to just having those go to items.  There were a few things in the pantry that I just don't use often.  I purchased them and now they just sit and take up space.  I still have a hard time just getting rid of them, but hoping to use them up, and not take up space with them again. 
 The baskets are from Joanns.  I love them and have quite a few throughout my house.  They are the perfect size and I love the the texture and color they add. 
Those orange wire baskets were a Goodwill purchase.  Love how they look. 
Now that it is organized, any ideas on how to fancy this area up??