Friday, April 5, 2013

35 Meals in 35: #2 Stewed Lentils, Bacon, Tomatoes, & Shallots

This last fall I participated in Heather's workshop Whole Food Kitchen.  It was a wonderful workshop that I fully enjoyed.  Since I took the workshop this last October and November, during and after having baby Beckett, I wasn't able to make a lot of the recipes.  My mom made some while she was here helping after Beckett was born.

 This was one of my favorites. I made it again and snapped some photos. Loved the taste of shallots and bacon with the lentils. This workshop was really fun and informative. I loved the gentle way that Heather encouraged us to eat healthy. This recipe is only available through the workshop, but  Heather has been posting some of her other recipes on her blog Beauty that Moves. 

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