Monday, April 15, 2013

Main Bathroom

I dreamed of horizontal planked walls.  Maybe wallpaper.  Light colors in the windowless room.  Finally, we started the process of getting it done.  Spring of 2012 the walls began to take on a new form.  By the summer it was painted.  This was last summer and by this time I was on modified bedrest with Beckett.  Not much I could do to pretty up my new bathroom.  So it waited.

After Beckett was born I was able to start putting together the new bathroom.  It took a long time for things to come together.  Not much spare time with 4 kids, one of them being a newborn babe.  The bathroom was not a priority. 

Today we are finally at a place where I can snap some photos.  I love the walls and the white!  The yellow, blues, and grays. 

Just a little bathroom.  I still want to make a curtain for under the sink and find a wicker laundry basket to fit between the toilet and sink.  Maybe find a place for a magazine rack on the wall.  But for now it feels done and that feels good. 

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 Just for fun, here was the bathroom before we moved in, the spring of 2009. 

We painted and put in some new trim.  We lived with this for a few years.  I was always a bit embaressed of this bathroom.  It was the kids bathroom, hard to keep clean, daily clothes and towels everywhere to pick up and keep tidy.  So glad that it is now all fixed up and presentable.

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