Friday, April 26, 2013

Right Now

Working on some small decorating projects that bring oh so much joy.

Playing outside in the sunshine and going on nice walks and bike rides with the kiddos.

Listening to my baby's sweet breathing as I check on him sleeping in his crib and feeling such gratitude for having him in our lives.

Finally getting out in the garden.  I think that the photo above is the only cleared patch of dirt in my beds, but I have a  new rototiller in the garage ready to be put to work.  Radishes and sweet peas already sprouting.

Still enjoying teal green and placing it where I can throughout our home.

Loving the lilacs that are blooming outside.

Hearing the sounds of the kid's playing WII on a Friday afternoon.

Packing for a trip.

Working on my baby boy's quilt.  Hoping to finally put the finishing touches on it soon.

Loving my days with my sweet family and friends.

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