Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2012 Christmas Cards

 I have had these stacks of Christmas Cards in my cart since, well, Christmas of last year!  This is such a fun way to keep our cards.  I started doing this in  and have done it every year since.  I was inspired by Ali Edwards.  I intentionally try to keep it super simple.  Love the bit of red I added to each page.  I was still debating if I should add another red element off the grid on the bottom of the 1st page to make a triangle for your eyes to follow, but I'm not sure what embellishment I have that would fit.  If I find something I'll add it, if not, it will stay as it is.  Keep It Simple.  Right?  You can find 2009.  I'm not sure where the other layouts are posted.  I may need to post those on the blog.  Maybe at Christmastime this year.  Also, just realized that the layout above says 2013.  I just fixed it on the layout, but I'll post it and fix the photo later!  Just getting a bit ahead of myself, trying to get a head start on this next year!

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