Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On Decorating My Home

I would love to just have a few weeks to decorate my home.  Nothing standing in my way, just to work on projects, order furniture, arrange and rearrange.  Someone could just come in and take care of all the busy life stuff and I could just work on the house.  My hubby and my kiddos helping with projects, getting along, and being taken care of.  No interruptions.  I would love that!

But that is not how life works.  So I savor little moments where I can do something, usually something small, around our home.  I have found that it is a process and a balancing act, like so many other things in life.  It is quite lovely to have a decorated space that you and your family love, but it is not the most important thing.

The process is where it is at.  Not so much the process of decorating, but the process of figuring out what you love and being inspired by so many lovely things.   I reflect on the fact that if I had been able to decorate my first home or even this home a few years ago, it would look so very different then the home I want today.  The process keeps things fresh and lets me experiment with new ideas and new inspiration.  I just try to embrace the balance of it all and remember that the most important things must come first.

Speaking of inspiration, I thought I would share a few of the blogs whose homes I love!

Love, love, love these first two!!

These last ones I love as well. (If you schroll down she has an image for each room of her home.)

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