Monday, August 26, 2013

Project Life 2013: Weeks 1, 2 & 3

I have been keeping up with Scrapbooking this year, I just haven't been keeping up with posting it here.  Just a few facts about how I'm doing this.  I'm following the Project Life format.  Still love it and it is still a lovely way to scrapbook our family!  I'm doing it weekly this year.  Most weeks take up one side of the page, but if a lot is going on, I may spread it out to two pages.  Each week that begins the month starts with a monthly card and ever other week begins with a photo with the week and dates in the bottom right hand corner, inspired by Rhonda Mason's Project Life.  I'm mostly using the Seafoam Kit but I also have a lot of cards from the Studio Calico Project Life Kits.  I have included a week in review card with each weekly spread and monthly tags stapled to a photo in the month from 7 gypsies. 
Week 1 
 So many things happened this week, with family in town, a nephew's baptism, and Beckett's Blessing.
 Here is the monthly ticket card.
 And the week in review card I'm using throughout this year's spread.
 Here is where I planned to list my monthly goals.  Well, that only lasted a few months.  Hoping to start that back up soon!
 Here is the layout with the inserts.  Love the layered look!
 I did an 8 1/2 x 11 insert of  a small printout of the larger digital calendar I made for this year and have posted in my kitchen.  The digital template for the calendar is from Paisley Press.  I love the simplicity of it and the fact I could slip it in and add it to my album!
On the back of the calendar I added this photo of Beckett on his blessing day. 
 I also did a 12x12 insert and added a large photo of our family that was taken on his Blessing Day.
On the back of that I did a collage of some photos taken on that day.  Always love the grid look, always.
Week 2 & 3
 Here is our week 2 and 3 spread.  Lots of photos of our littlest guy!!  Cooking some new foods this week.  Steve and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary with a night out and had a wonderful time!
 I also did a flip card that I attached with some washi tape.
 Here it is with the insert.
 Here is the insert on its own.  My friend did a photo shoot for our little Beckett.  I absolutely love how these photos turned out!!  Thanks Melissa! 
 Here is the backside of the insert.  Love this guy and this way of documenting our world!
So much more to share.  I'm currently working on week 33.  See, I am actually keeping up with documenting this year. 

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