Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Life Title Pages 2013 & 2012

2013 Title Page
 Here is my title page for 2013.  I take FOREVER to do my title pages.  I have a thing about doing pictures on the title page from the year that the album is covering, so I don't have that many pictures in January.  By the time I start collecting some photos of the kids, or get a good family photo of all of us (another thing I'm not so good at!),  I'm well into the year, and then I don't have much time to do a title page, trying to keep caught up on my monthly/weekly layouts.  So, I took some time today to look through my photos, print them out, and do my title page. 
I tried a few things that just didn't work out the way I thought they would.  I loved these wooden letters and was thinking of putting initial tags on each of the kids photos, but it just ended up being too busy.  I then tried to put it on grid paper and was going to do a 4x6 insert in the bottom left hand corner.  Again, just wasn't working.  I'll save the tags for future 3x4 cards.  I'll probably put them in the kiddos' individual books. 

I also tried to do a 6x8 family photo and cut it up to put in the slots.  I didn't like how the 4x6 family photo cropped cut off our heads and legs.  Well the 6x8 didn't work because I had to cut right through Isabelle's and Karter's cute little expressions.  Not so fun...  So I taped it back together and salvaged it and just ended up cropping to a 4x6 with our head and feet cropped off.  It works!

I did the "Celebrate 2013" as my title and the "M6" had to go on there.  I kept the photos simple.  I decided to do a little saying in the left bottom pocket.  "Capturing the Everyday through Photos and Words."  It looks a bit crooked in the photo, but it isn't.  I loved the gold and blue throughout this layout. 

2012 Title Page 
I also did my 2012 title page today.  (It happens to be my favorite!  Love the little wooden people at the top.  Karter helped my find those!)  I worked on this one first.  This one came together fairly quickly.  The 2013 page took a bit longer, with all those ideas just not working out.  The title for this is "Hello 2012" and I also included the "M6."  When I sat down to work on this I knew that I wanted to keep it neutral, using white, gold, and blue.  I loved the idea of the black and white photos.  I pretty much use colored photos throughout my entire project life albums, so I like the idea of using the black and white photos on the title pages.  I did change it up with the colored photos on my 2013 title page, just trying something different.  The photos I chose were neutral enough, I just made Isabelle's photo black and white to go with the rest of the layout.  I liked it with the color but I also like the black and white.
2011 Title Page  
2010 Title Page
Just for fun I thought that I would share my 2011 & 2010 title pages here so we could see them all side by side.  It is fun to see the similarity between all of them.  When I decided on the colors for my 2012 & 2013 pages, I didn't realize that these other 2 title pages were so similar in colors with their blues, neutrals, and yellows.  I love how little Karter is on the 2010 page.

I just wanted to write a bit here about how I truly do love this project.  As I was working on this today, it was so fun to get creative and keep it simple.  I have a basic idea of how I like to do the title pages, I'm not reinventing the wheel each time, and it is an easy to gather photos of each of my kiddos and a couple or family photo in the other slot.  Add the year, our family initial, the number of us, get creative with a quote or some fun embellishment, keep it super simple or add a bit more.  So fun. 

And the best part.  2010 and 2011 are completed albums.  2012 is almost complete.  I have everything complete through October.  November has all the photos and extra scraps of life in there, and it just needs me to put the finishing touches on it.  December needs some photos printed out, but all the scraps of paper are in.  2013 is pretty much completed through week 33. 

This next year I want to keep it even simpler.  (More on that later.)  I love that even with 4 kids this is something I can keep up on.   When I have some time I can sit down and do a little something here and there.  This system works for me.  Structured and flexible.  Are my albums perfect?  No.  Do they tell every story?  No.  But they have so many of them, and they tell such a rich story of us as you flip through their pages.  That is when the magic happens.  The collection of it all, day after day, month after month, year after year.  Just little bits of us, all piled up together.  Magic, I tell you.   I absolutely love scrapbooking the everyday. 

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