Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 1 | Introduction

Welcome to my 31 Day Series, To Have and to Hold.  I'm doing something I have never done before and joining with The Nester and her 31 Days Series.  For 31 days I will be writing about what we can do to love and support our other half. 

What does it mean to have and to hold, to really cherish the one we promised to spend all our days with?  This is definitely something I have been wanting to focus my time and energy on.  I spend a lot of time thinking about the kids, my home, church, friends and family, and my own personal goals, but not a lot of time on my husband.  As a couple, we do spend a lot of time together, we have worked date nights and getaways into our schedules, and we talk a lot, about pretty much everything.  I feel like we have a great marriage and love so many things about our relationship.  It seems to me that it is important to focus on the one that you promised to be with forever.  To make your spouse feel valued and loved and cared for.  These men of ours work so hard for us, for our families.  I want to take my relationship seriously and take the time to really show how grateful I am for this man that I share my days with. 

This series will be focused on what we can do to better our relationship, what changes we as individuals can make, not on what we can get our spouse to do.  It is all we really can control.  There is such a tendency to turn everything around to the other person and I want to keep the focus on what we can do as wives to serve and support.  There is so much power to be found in focusing on what we can do.
As I have mapped out this series, I realize that so many of the things I will be working on and writing about will require selflessness.  Interesting to think that so much of this attribute is required in this sacred relationship.  This will be a stretch, as I focus on my spouse, even when I'm busy, overwhelmed, crabby, or just plain exhausted.  It will take willpower and charity to be consistent.  But I'm excited to move forward, giving my all to this relationship that matters most. 

I will be writing about date nights, his favorite foods, recording our story, celebrating each other, love languages, compassion, studying the word of God, making our bedroom a haven, and so much more!

As part of this series, I'm challenging myself to do something special for my husband for each day of this series.  It has to be something out of the ordinary and require at least 5 minutes of my time.  I'll be recording these small things and will be sharing them with you, along with my posts, each day of this month.  I've created a printable if you would like to join with me.  You can download it here.

I'm thrilled to write about these things and really focus on my husband and marriage.  It really is my most sacred relationship and I truly want to nurture it and honor it each day.

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Day 3 | Connecting With His Family
Day 4 | Documenting Our Story Part 1
Day 5 | Being the Connection
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Day 7 | Do What He Likes
Day 8 | Get Pretty For Him
Day 9 | Celebrating Together 
Day 10 | Documenting Our Story Part 2
Day 11 | Studying the Word of God Together|
Day 12 | Date Night
Day 13 | Go To Bed Together
Day 14 | Marriage Resources
Day 15 | Doing What He Asked You To Do First
Day 16 | Documenting Our Story Part 3
Day 17 | Sometimes It Is Just About the Relationship
Day 18 | Strategically Take Care of Yourself
Day 19 | Master Bedroom Makeover Part 2
Day 20 | Documenting Our Story Part 4
Day 21 | Speaking About Our Husbands
Day 22 | Just Let It Go
Day 23 | Backing Down
Day 24 | Love Languages
Day 25 | Documenting Our Story Part 5
Day 26 | The Little Things
Day 27 | Master Bedroom Makeover Part 3
Day 28 | Gratitude List
Day 29 | Documenting Our Story Part 6
Day 30 | Master Bedroom Makeover Part 4
Day 31 | The One We Are The Hardest On

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  1. I'm excited to see this! What a wonderful idea - and what a great example for the rest of us.