Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week In The LIfe 2013: Friday Photo & Words

Today was a crazy whirlwind of a day, to top off a crazy whirlwind week. 

Up at 6:00am, baby awake too early, kids off to school, a stop at New Seasons for canning lids, quick clean up of the kitchen, friend over with all her canning gear to help me can applesauce, another trip to New Seasons for more canning supplies, taking my Kindergartener to the bus. 

Finishing up the applesauce, hearing can's pop and seal, straightening up and getting things done around the house with my babe in tow, showering late in the day and getting ready, picking up the kids, picking up the sitter, driving to Portland to meet an old friend that is in town for dinner.

Meeting at two different restaurants not realizing there were two with the same name in Portland, telling her to stay put and driving to meet her where she was at, eating, talking, laughing, reconnecting, remembering, having a great time, taking a walk around town and enjoying the sights and sounds the local nightlife in Portland brings, driving home, finding friends here visiting with Steve and the kids, putting kiddos to bed, eating a treat and watching a movie with my guy, falling asleep during the last 20 minutes, heading to bed, chatting a bit before we fell asleep.

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