Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week In The Life 2013: Saturday Words & Photos

Slept in until 7am and stayed in bed a little longer.  Steve got up with Beckett.  Threw together a stew to simmer in the crockpot.  Helped kids eat toast and get ready for the day.  Bathed and got ready.  Happy I chose not to wash my hair, there just wasn't any time.  Left for soccer at 925am with three of my kiddos.  Steve stayed here with Karter and later headed to the RV show with his parents.  Enjoyed a fun game of soccer.  My girl did well, with a few other parents commenting on how good she was.  Came home.  Babe to bed, so tired. 

Warmed leftovers for lunch for the kids and made a gluten free mini pizza for me.  Let the kids watch a show while I took a nap.  Got up and straightened up the upstairs, dishes, and then headed down to work on photos and organize my coming weeks.  TV off for the kids.  My oldest guy got to head out to a friends house.  They took him out to dinner, his favorite.  Steve, his parents, and Karter came home.  We chatted for awhile.  My girl played outside and Karter played with trains.  Steve had work to do before we headed out for a date.  The babe woke up from a long nap and cuddled and played with Grandma for a bit. 

We left for our date a little before 6pm.  We stopped at a Postal Annex to send off a work related package.  We sat close in the truck with the windows down.  We headed over to Aaron and Melissa's house for dessert to celebrate Aaron's birthday.  We had a fun visit.  We left and headed to the Reedville Café for dinner.  He ordered a Reuben Sandwich, I ordered a Cobb Salad.  Crème Brule for dessert.  We headed up to a favorite spot that overlooked the city.  Talked about our house and the kids.  Came home to Grandparents and Jakob talking on cozy couches in a quiet house.  I got ready for bed as quickly as I could, said goodbye and thanks so much to Steve's parents, said goodnight to Steve and Jakob, and crashed in bed.  Steve stayed up and watched some TV.

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  1. Love the range of photos and the simple ebb and flow of everyday life. Just what this project is about! Thanks for sharing. :-)