Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In The Life 2013: Sunday Word & Photos

We had a lazy morning around here.  Up and working a bit on scrapbooking and making button wreaths and frames with the kids.  Toast for breakfast.  Steve off to a meeting at 11am.  Feeling lazy today.  Working on doing some dishes and getting the kids ready for church.

Sandwiches Steve made yesterday for lunch.  Sunday for us is just a grab your own breakfast and lunch kind of day.  Beckett down for a nap before church.  Trying to get a bath and out the door with Isabelle to help set up for a display table for our Fantastic Friday in a couple weeks.  Church at 2pm.  I only stayed with Beckett for the Sacrament and brought him home.  His voice started sounding raspy yesterday, like he was getting sick, and I just thought he should have a solid nap if he was getting sick.  Steve came home before the 3rd hour of church to switch places with me so I could go back to conduct Relief Society. 

Church ends at 5pm.  I'm not a fan of the late church.  I tried to gather my crazy kids and keep them contained while I helped take down the display table.  We headed home and Steve had dinner all set up.  He reheated the stew from last night and the spaghetti from a few days ago.  I headed to my room to nap, couldn't sleep, but rested.  Kids played with Steve.  I woke up to put the kids to bed.  Jakob and Steve played chess.  I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  Kids in bed.  Steve and I planned and talked.  We headed to bed.

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