Friday, September 13, 2013

Week In The Life 2013: Thursday Words & Photos

Out of bed at 545am to go walking with a friend.  Back home to get the kids ready for school.  Eggs and toast for breakfast, getting dressed, fixing my girl's hair, made cold lunch, checking if they have PE today, scripture study at 715am.  Taking kids to school.  Cleaned up the house and packed up our bags for a day of appointments.  Dropped the boys off at a couple friend's homes.  Off to my appointment with my Naturopath at 1100am. 
Picked up lunch at my favorite Thai.  Back home to pick up my babe at 1230pm.  Drove to Erin's home to have her color my hair.  Babies playing together on the floor.  Drove home with color in my hair, no time to wash at Erin's.  Picked up kids from bus stop.  Came home to kids not getting along.  Everyone in time out and baby in bed.  Shower to get hair dye out of hair.  Let kids out of time out to watch a show.  Got dressed after my shower.  Kids watching My Little Pony.  Trying to take a quick nap without much success.  Turned off TV and worked to have the kids to do chores and practice piano. 
Steve came home and made grilled cheese for dinner.  I left to Curriculum Night at the kid's school.
Between the younger kids and older kids presentations I headed to Great Clips to get my hair cut.  Headed home to get Jakob and attended his class's presentation with him.  Came home to Steve reading to kids before bed.  Steve headed off to an evening church meeting.  Put kids to bed.  Worked on prepping apples for making applesauce the next morning.  Cleaned up house.  Tried to post on my blog without much success.  Steve home at 1045pm.  Chatted for a bit and headed to bed. 

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