Saturday, October 12, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 12 | Date Night

I can't believe I have gotten to day 12 and haven't talked about date night!  This is so important and should be a priority in each of our marriages!!  This takes planning and work, especially if you are coordinating babysitters and busy schedules.  It works well for us when we have it tentatively scheduled into our month.  We try to go out a couple times a month.

Here are some things we have done in the past that have been above and beyond dinner together.

Drive Through the Country
Walk Through the City
Movie In the Theatre
Bike Ride Through the City
Go On a Walk
Visiting the Library
Ice Skating
Walk on the Beach
Birthday Shopping
Four Wheeling
Visiting a Book Store
Movie in the Park
Make a Meal or Fun Dessert Together
Spa Night
Take a Tour Down Memory Lane (Drive Around and Visit the Places In Your History)
Game Night
Window Shopping
Take a Class Together
Attend the Temple
See a Play
Horseback Riding

We have only done the more creative dates above a handful of times.  Most of our dates are just dinner and lots of talking.  We like to walk and talk or come home and watch a movie together.  A lot of the time we will run errands together on dates.  It works for us.  I love being with Steve, without any distractions.  Just driving around and being able to talk to each other without interruptions is a treat, even if we are headed to the grocery store.

Even if you have no money, you can be creative, and still have date night!  You could even do it at home.  Put the kids to bed early and make the evening special, just the two of you.  Swap babysitting with friends and go out once a month.  Use coupons or pack a picnic.  Getting rid of distractions and just focusing on each other can make it date night no matter where you may be.  Spending time together is key.

You can find the rest of the series here.

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