Saturday, October 19, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 19 | Master Bedroom Makeover Part 2

Here is the progress on the master bedroom so far.

I finally painted!  This was the big thing that I was dreading and it is done!  And can I tell you, I love the color!  Love it!  It can be blue, grey, or black depending on the light or on my mood.  I can't wait to put things on my wall! 
 Here I was playing around with a couple things on the wall.  Those are our old curtains, I can't believe how much better they look with the new wall, but I'll still be getting some new curtains.
  I ordered this print this last week and received it.  Lovely and perfect for my side of the bed.
Here is a photo of our bed, with the pre-painted wall.  The white velvet headboard was purchased for the bedroom redo with the two patterned pillow shams and the distressed sunburst mirror.  The bed will stay as it is. 
I ordered my "love" quote sign.  Can't wait to receive that.  I'm collecting my gold frames and planning a trip to Ikea.  Getting closer to a new to me bedroom.

You can find the rest of the series here.

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