Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 23 | Backing Down

I remember talking to a family member that asked me early on in my marriage if Steve and I fought.  I just laughed.  Of course we fight, we just don't do it in front of people.  We all have disagreements with the ones we are married to.  I dont think i need to tell you that in a marriage you are dealing with a different person, who may see things very differently at times.  We can get defensive, our feelings can get hurt, we may say something we shouldn't.

My advice today, as we discuss ways to show more love to our husbands, is to be the one who backs down first.  This is hard.  We don't feel like backing down when we are upset and arguing about something that seems so significant at times.    But showing love is not always easy and isn't something we only do when it is convenient.  We love during the hard times.  So, swallow that pride, take a few deep breaths, pray for guidance, let it go, and back down.  Do it without pride and manipulation.  Show him love and be understanding of his thoughts and his intent.  Love him when he is far from lovable.  Who knows, he may just melt right before your eyes.

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