Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 29 | Documenting Our Story Part 6

I love to document and record life.  As I'm wrapping up this series on how to show more love to our husbands, I just feel that documentation can play such an important role. 

I love to celebrate us by documenting the everyday, the special occasions, the celebrations.  I love making the little books of trips that we have taken or a collection of photos through the past years.  I love putting photos of the two of us in our home for all to enjoy, a reminder of our unique relationship, the one I share with him alone. 

I hope to write down more of our story.  I hope to write down some of our struggles and triumphs.  I hope to have his voice in more of our memory keeping.  I hope to record more of his life, what he does when he works and serves away from us.  I want to record as much as I can, to celebrate our relationship.

The process of recording and documenting is the process of celebrating.  I analyze and evaluate as I document.  As I take the photos, write our story, record the moments, and share the photos I can better see our relationship.  I ponder on things that I'm too busy to think about during the day to day of life.  I love the process of documenting and I know that it blesses our relationship.

You can find the rest of the series here.

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