Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 3 | Connecting With His Family


Tonight we celebrated our baby's first birthday with lots of laughter, love, and family.  A few weeks ago when I realized that my baby's birthday was going to coincide with a very busy week, I was tempted to keep his birthday super simple with just our little family.  In the end I decided against it and pushed to have his big party.  This has been a tradition in our family, to celebrate big with our children's 1st birthdays. 

As our guest began to arrive this evening, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for family.  I looked around at our guest, my husband's family, now my family.  What a blessing they are to us.  I was so glad I had pushed to have them all be there to celebrate with us!

Loving, supporting, and reaching out to my husband's family has been such a great blessing for me in my life.  It takes work and effort to stay connected and a lot of that may fall on your shoulders.  You can be the one to reach out and to invite.  You can send the emails, make the phone calls, host the events.  It makes such a difference to our guys to know that we are willing to put effort into these relationships, and it does matter to him.  He appreciates our efforts.  As we stay connected, our children will be connected, and it is easier for him to stay connected.   Make the effort!  It is just another way to love and support your spouse! 

A few ways to stay connected: Facebook, emails, texting, phone calls, Birthday cards, Christmas cards, always trying to attend family events, blogging, letter writing, skyping, inviting for dinner or going out to dinner, scheduling evenings out, inviting to our children's activities and concerts, and hosting annual holiday or family get-togethers.  I do a few of these well and there are a lot I could work on.


Such a great night with this little guy.  We celebrated his newspaper themed party with carrot cake, fun photo banner, lots of books for gifts, ham chowder, artichoke dip, pumpkins, the loveliest orange gerber daisies, and See's candy party favors.  This boy dug into his cake like a champ!  He ended up with fistfuls of cake, taking bite after bite, his first taste of sugar. 
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  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet little Beckett Boy!
    LOVE all these pictures! What a fun celebration for such a little sweetie. (His hair has grown so much!)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love and miss you all so much,

  2. Happy Birthday little Beckett man!! Love the decorations, I might have to copy you on a few for Tristans!!