Sunday, October 6, 2013

To Have and To Hold Day 6 | Master Bedroom Makover Part 1

Our bedrooms can be a place of refuge, a place of rest, a place to connect, a lovely place to escape the world and just be together.  That said, my bedroom could use some work.  As part of this series I plan to redecorate our bedroom.  It has been a goal of mine since this last year but life is busy, and I'm finding it harder to do the "extras" during the day to day of life.  But this month I'm going to do it!! 

Black, white, grey blue, light wood, gold, and a touch of red.

Things To Keep
White velvet headboard (newly purchased this last year, so I guess I have done one thing towards this remodel), wooden dresser, brass curtain rods, and a distressed white sunburst mirror.

Things To Add
Velvet curtains, black walls, gold frames gallery wall, large quote sign, an art print, large quote board, white lights, ruffles, and some kind of photo wall.

Things To Decide On
Bedspread, a chair, and end tables.

We eventually want to trim out the walls and the windows, redo the master bath, and I would love a chandelier.  Those things WON'T be happening in this remodel, but I'm forging ahead anyway. 

To get an idea of what is floating around in my head, here are some inspirational photos from the web.

Master Bedroom 2 Home Progress: Master bedroom
Polaroid Hearts
ultimate loft bed, twinkle white lights

The painting of the room is the thing that overwhelms me that most.  I'm not a great painter and to say I dislike it is a vast understatement.  Like I tell my kids, start with the thing you dread the most, you'll enjoy the process so much more!!  Wish me luck!!

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  1. I really dislike painting! We are in the middle of it as we try to decide what we want the house to look like down here and I wish I could just pass it off to someone else :) Those rooms look beautiful-Cant wait to see the finished product!