Monday, November 4, 2013

Basement Bedroom

Looking into the room from my mini studio.

This will be a small hallway heading out to the garage.

This will be the bedroom door.

The window. 

This was the small room that we used as a guest room.

The closet.

A photo while I'm standing in the doorway.  Some tubs of clothes and decorations that are waiting to go into the crawlspace.  So exicited for this room to be completed!
We are adding a room to our basement.    Our four kids have been sharing two small rooms this past year.  The basement has been overwhelming huge and we haven't been using the space.  So we made the logical choice and enlarge a tiny room that we used as a guest room.  We had a hole dug and cut through cement and added a lovely little window.  It is so fun to see light in that corner of our house.  Light where there wasn't light before. I'm so happy to have a place to spread the kids out a bit.  We are planning to house the toys in the children's rooms versus throughout the main living areas.  Saying goodbye to the dollhouse in the garage and lego pieces all over the floor is such a good thing.  We are hoping this will help us keep the little toys away from a "everything goes into his mouth" 11 month old.  So fun to see this progress.

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