Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Late Afternoon Light & Orange Pumpkins

We have so enjoyed having our exchange student from Japan here with us this last week.  The season was enjoyed with evening celebrations and family time together.  We carved and lighted Jack-O-Lanterns and dressed up together.  We headed to our favorite fishing hole.  My 5 year old was a proud fisherman, catching two fish in one evening.  Time outdoors as the weather cools and the evenings darken early.

My baby is taking his first step and will be joining the land of us walkers here soon.  I know that he is over a year old but time certainly flies by and I can't believe he is already taking his first steps.  Its funny how this time I'm so much more secure with the thought of him taking his time and going at his own pace.  With my oldest, I was all about hurrying him along.  Now, I'm savoring these fleeting moments as I think of my oldest when he first walked, as he took those funny tippy toe steps, he had his own unique style of walking.  Those baby steps have been replaced by a boy who loves to roam the outside world, running and jumping and climbing.  Not much of those baby steps left in the walk of my oldest.  Time certainly keeps moving forward. 

I'm hoping to finish with this decorating phase we have been going through around these parts.  I know I still have the boy's room to look forward to, but most of my walls are covered, and things that I have been wanting to update and changed are coming to completion.  I'm ready to rest that part of my brain and move forward with purging, simplifying, and organizing.  I'll finish up with the decorating, simplify my home a bit, and get ready for the upcoming holiday season.  Some serious knitting and crafting in front of a warm fire with a lovely Christmas movie is in my near future.  I can feel it on the horizon. 

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