Thursday, November 14, 2013

Leaves of Autumn



The weather has been rainy and wet.  This last weekend, with the kids out of school for conferences, we headed out of town for the weekend.  Hoping to edit and share some photos of that adventure soon.  A weekend away with the kids is always an adventure. 

I made dinner in a pumpkin tonight.  The stem caught on fire and that was quite some excitement for the evening.  We saved the pumpkin and the yummy contents inside.  Dinner was so good with the missionaries joining us.  The kids love having them over and want to perform for them in all sorts of ways.  It is an entertaining evening for all involved.

The leaves of autumn are almost off the trees now.  I'm hoping to get a few more fall walks in during the last part of November.  My walking bud keeps me good company and seems happy to accompany me.  I have so many little projects to catch up on, so much to organize, so much to get done before the holidays.  I'm hoping to get a huge chunk of it done before the week of Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy every moment of the Christmas Season.  Simplifying can be so complicated sometimes.  Trying to take advantage of little moments each day.

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