Friday, December 6, 2013

Cozy Christmas Evenings

Before we left for Thanksgiving, I finished up our room.  It is so pretty now.  It stays clean, as long as the bed gets made in the morning, which I like to do.  I moved so many things out of that room and got rid of some things we don't need or use anymore.  You really don't need much in a bedroom, especially if you have a big closet, but things tend to accumulate.  I'm so over stuff.  I'm really wanting to purge and get rid of.  It is  such a process to do but the results are so incredibly freeing.  I know I've mentioned before how I want to take a break from decorating once our 4th bedroom is complete and set up.  I'm hoping to take the extra time to let go of stuff, simplify, and organize.

Steve and I went out to the Oswego Grill and had their Bleu Cheese Fries.  My new favorite.  So yum. I had them for the first time with my mom when she came for my birthday.  So yummy.  Did I say that already?

I've been taking more photos during the day with my younger two.  I love hanging out with these two during the day.  They are such fun kiddos to spend my days with.  Karter told me today that, "Girls are teachers."  He then paused for awhile and said, "And boys are bus drivers."  Ahem.  Well.  I love hearing his 5 year old comments as his brain thinks things through.  Its a little peak of what is going on in there.  I wish afternoons and evenings weren't so busy.  I find it hard to pull the camera out to get pictures of what my older two are up to.  I need to be more mindful of doing that.

Today we had some snow flurries.  Not much, not enough to stick.  I'm settling in and watching Christmas movies most evenings.  I'm usually working on something while I watch.  Just having it on in the background as I pay bills is a lovely treat for me.  I'm watching what is on Netflix, but I've only found a few.    My must watch list is While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, Little Women, and Dan In Real Life.  I'm also wanting to watch the Lake House and I'm hoping to watch White Christmas for the first time.   I know a lot of these aren't Christmas but they feel like Christmas.  I love the Hallmark Movies.  We just watched Elf together as a family tonight.  So cozy to watch a movies in the evening together.  I would love to hear any suggestions of your Winter/Christmas favorites.

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