Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thoughts on Goals For 2014

Oh goals, how I love them.  This last year wasn't that great in the goal accomplishment department.  These last few months I have realized that it just wasn't happening this year, at least not at the rate that I would have hoped it would be.

I always have such ambitions after I have a babe.  At the end of 2012, my pregnancy was over, I was feeling good, and my baby was 3 months old, I was ready to conquer the world.  To just get it done.  I set lots of goals.  My 35 in 35, my book list, and a few yearly goals.

Life has been busy.  There hasn't been a lot of "free" time, there is always much to get done.  It is life right now and I'm trying to relish the season we are in.  There will be time for accomplishing much in the personal goal department later.  I know I don't want to miss the moments of the here and now, the moments with the ones I love most.  They will continue to sprout up and my children will all leave me one day.  More then anything I'm determined to live in the here and now, to do the best I can as a mother and a wife.

When it comes to goals, I just need to find the balance of today.  I have been thinking of some strategies I have for the coming year in the goal department.  Here is what I have come up with.

1.  Keep it simple.
2.  Make some "work" goals.
3.  Focus on my one little word.

First, is to keep things simple.  Many of my goals for the next year will focus on simplifying my life, but more then that, I have to make my goals simple.  Second, is to focus on parenting and household goals.  It is my job right now.  It is what comes first, what I need to get done before I read a book or walk a mile.  Making sure those things run smoothly makes it possible to accomplish some of the other things on my list.  At times I feel jobs that need to get done are not goals, but what better goals to add to the list.  I will be adding a few "work" goals to the list.  Third, many goals will be focused on my one little word for 2014 that I will talk about later.  I'll be choosing a word for 2014 and some of my goals will represent that word.

I love setting goals.  I love the beginning, the hope that comes from dreaming.  I love the focus they give me throughout the year.  I love that they keep me on track.  So I will be dreaming and planning for 2014.  I'm letting go of my 2013 goals.  I won't add the unaccomplished goals to the list unless I want to.  I'm planning to take all of 2014 to accomplish my 36 in 36, I love coming up with 36, my yearly goals for 2014 will be that list.  I will also complete a 2014 booklist for myself and a 2014 read aloud booklist for the kids.  

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