Sunday, January 12, 2014

Foggy Mornings

We rang in the new year with our annual New Years Eve Party.  How I love spending time with our family and celebrating the beginning of a fresh, brand new year.  So many family members to see and spend time with.  We ate crackers, cheese, and dips.  I made the most delicious bacon wrapped dates from the book Bread and Wine.  So yummy.  The were literally set out and gone in minutes.

I've been sneaking away to bed early and reading away my evenings.  I've so enjoyed this transition, from Christmas movies to ambitiously working through my 2014 book list.  This is a nice change, since I was not so ambitious about reading books this last year.  Speaking of book lists, I'll be posting my new 2014 list here soon.  I'm still adding to the already lengthy list.  Looking forward to reading away 2014.

I've been busily working through my goals.  I'm trying to find a place in my home to post them.  I'm hoping if I see them everyday, I'll remind myself to continue.  Still enjoying the momentum the first of the year brings.

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