Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just Hanging Out

The last two Mondays the kids have been home from school.  I really love having them here and feel like we all receive the gift of a day off.  We try to have all of our chores done in the morning and spend the afternoon hanging out or doing something fun.  Yesterday we had a cousin over, so that was fun.  Later, the kids watched some TV in the afternoon while Beckett napped.  I try to calm the crazy loud that comes after watching TV with leftover tacos and reading.  Right now we are making our way through two chapter books.  We are reading Miracles on Maple Hill, and when my oldest isn't around, we are reading Ballet Shoes.  They are both lovely reads.  I love children's books that talk about real things in a  way children can understand and all can enjoy.

Two weekends ago, Steven and I headed out of town to Bend for our 12th Anniversary.   We love that town.  Lots of sun and a break from the rain and grey of winter.  I really cannot complain about this winter though, we have had a sunny winter for the Pacific Northwest, but, nonetheless, Bend did not disappoint.  Sunny days were in abundance.  Steve's parents were generous enough to offer to take our kids for the weekend.  Yes, they do that.  Amazing family we are blessed with.  We felt so spoiled, three days and nights away.  Steven got me the necklace above.  I absolutely love it in all of its chunky, aqua green glory.   We hiked and biked and ate and shopped and relax and ate and slept in. It was marvelous.  Our room had a view of the river and a wood burning fireplace.  Heaven.  When we got there I realized I forgot to bring a knitting project from home.  Perfect excuse to run and buy some yarn.  With Steven's encouragement, I headed out to buy some bulky yarn for a scarf for me.

It was lovely, relaxing, and went by too quickly.  I love going away just the two of us and I also love coming home to my babies.  They saw us coming up the drive and came running out to meet us.  Love them to pieces.  I always love coming home to them.

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