Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 4 & 5

I knew that I hadn't posted a lot of scrapbook pages from 2013, but I was mildly shocked when I looked back and realized I only had 2 posts that hightlighted my 2013 album.  I recorded weeks 1-3 in this post and my title page in this post.  I thought I may just skip it all together and start fresh with 2014.  I debated if I should post a few of my favorite pages from 2013 in one post and call it good.  I even debated making a video, but decided I'm not ready to venture into videos for this blog, though it is something I would like to do in the future. 

I finally decided I wanted to share my 2013 book.  I'm doing something completely different in 2014, so I thought there was value in sharing this album and the approach I used to record 2013.  Like so many of these projects, the beauty and story comes from the collection of these photos, together in one book, week by week.  I've tried to keep it simple.  Most weeks have gone on a one page spread (one side of a 12x12 pocket page).  There are a few weeks where I have made it a two page spread.  The first week of every month has a title card, in the top left photo slot, with white glitter stickers.  I followed Pink Ronnie style and recorded each additional week in the top left hand pocket where I recorded the week and the dates directly on the photo.  Each week also has a week in review card where I added details from the week. 

I used the Seafoam Kit from Project Life.  I also oredered the Studio Calico Project Life membership this last year, and you can see some of their cards throughout last year's album.  I mostly used the project life design A page protectors with some additional 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors to highlight special events.  I also experimented and added a few pocket page protectors in different sizes.  It was so fun to do this and I'm definitely going to used different size protectors in my 2014 album. 

I tried to keep it mostly photos and words.  I added some embellishments to the pocket pages, more to the insert pages.  I also added text directly onto the photos.  You will also see the 4x6 collages of photos throughout the book, usually 6 2x2 photos.

I will be taking the next few weeks to share my 2013 album.  I'll share a month in each post.  Some months have a lot of pages, like March with our big Disneyland/San Diego trip and Spring Break all in one month.  I'm hoping to get on track and share my pages as I complete them.  But for now I see the value, in sharing this pages from this last year.  Even looking back over my 2013 album as I took photos of these couple weeks, I was so grateful for the memories recorded from this last year.  I will not be doing a week by week album in 2014 but I'm so grateful I did it this last year.  To watch my children grow, to record the daily activities as each week passes, to jot down the funny things that were said and done, is such a blessing to see all together, collected weekly in 2013. 

Just some moments captured and events recorded.  Photos of two of my children and a story and a quote recorded from my other two children.  Something from all four kiddos recorded on this page.  Not planned but certainly made me smile.

A view from our porch, our bed, lots of vitamins, a trip to the ER (our first and only, so far!), snowflakes, a new to me salad.  Just some events that made up this week.
Steve recorded his life goals through these sketches he did one family night.  I had to record it.

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