Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Art With Kids | Watercolor Castles

We made watercolor castles this week.  We followed Meg's directions from Whatever.  She has a whole section in her sidebar of fun crafts that she has done with her kids.  I love doing art with kids that use items we have on hand, that have easy instructions that all can follow, and give structure but also allow for creativity.  This project went over well, with only a few tears from my 5 year old, who was frustrated his did not look like the examples on the computer screen.  How do you address that issue?  I thought next time I may show them the example so they can see what we are doing, then put it away and start the project.  I'm hoping that may allow for more creativity and less frustration. 

I even enjoyed participating with them.  I highly recommend working along side your little ones as you work on art.  I very much enjoy it.  I'm definitely not the best at drawing or painting, having never really tried, but I attacked it without a lot of worry of how it would turn out.  I just created.  I think it makes it more fun for all of us.  I know that it isn't always possible to sit down and work with the kids during art time.  (Sometimes that can be a great time to get other things done, when they are set up and busy with art.)  But I'm going to try and sit down and do it with them more often then not, to connect with them more, and enjoy the process.  My attempt at being more playful this year.  (More on being playful in a post I'm working on sharing here soon.)

When all was said and done, all were proud of their creations. 

Love the mermaid.
The flags were VERY important.  He wanted me to do flags on mine.

I didn't quite finish.  I had dinner to make and basketball practice to get to.
This guy just hung out and watched us play.  He did alright with just watching us.  I think he may be ready to do his own "art" on the side, maybe some paint brushes, colored paper, and water for him this next time.  He may not be quite ready for that (imagining water everywhere).  Any other suggestions?  What do you do for little ones when they aren't quite ready for the bigger kid projects?

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