Wednesday, February 19, 2014

35 Meals | Meals #8 - #12

Meal #8 Chicken Tamale Bake
This was a nice throw together casserole.  You can find the recipe here! 

Meal #9 Baked Tilapia
This was easy to throw together.  You can find the recipe here.

Meal #10 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Yum!  This recipe I got from my SIL and we love it!  I've listed the recipe below. 

Chicken Pot Pie Soup    
(I at least double this for my family)

1/4  cup  butter
onion, chopped
2 chicken bouillon cubes (smash into a powder) or 2 tsp. bouillon powder
1 tsp. basil
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup flour
2 cups milk (or 1 cup water, 1 cup milk)
1 potato, chopped
1/2 cup carrots, chopped
1 or 2 chicken breasts cooked and cubed
1/4 cup frozen peas
1/4 cup frozen corn

Sauté onion in butter. Add bouillon, basil and then Worcestershire sauce. Stir in milk.
Bring to a boil and stir until thick (boil at least a minute, stirring constantly).
Add potato and carrots. Cook until tender. Add frozen peas, frozen corn and cooked chicken. Heat through.

I also have added sautéed mushrooms just omitted the flour to make it gluten free.  Yum! I also have just thrown in all in a crockpot both times so it can cook away all day and be done in the evening.

Meal #11 Greek Lemon Chicken Soup
Another big thumbs up!  I love soup.  I love making it, it smells up the kitchen nicely, and tastes so yummy when you are done.  This soup was awesome!  Loved all the veggies in it, it was a hit with my family, and the touch of lemon was perfect.  Find the recipe here.

Meal #12 Mustard Chicken
This was from the book Practical Paleo and should be made with thighs.  I did it with boneless, skinless thighs the first time.  This time I did it with some drumsticks.  We

preferred the thighs. 

Meal #13 Upside Down Pizza
This was another fun, one dish meal.  You can find the recipe here.

I thought I would share another recipe, one in the baking department.

Grain Free Granola Balls
I've made these a couple times.  I compare these to a soup, where you can throw anything in the fridge into it.  This is a great recipe to get rid of extra seeds, dried fruit, and raw nuts.  Just mix together and bake.  I decided to process the nuts in the food processor and cut the dried fruit into tiny pieces so my baby could eat it.  You can find the recipe here.


  1. I'm definitely going to try the upside down pizza. Yum!

    1. Let me know how your family likes it. My kids just ate it up but Steve just said it was alright.