Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lovely Snowy Days

We have had lots of snow in these parts this last week.  We celebrated.  We played, sledded, explored, build forts, napped, relaxed, wondered, and imagined.  We lived in a winter wonderland, tucked away from the world around us. We haven't seen snow like this in a few years and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Our world became very small, our cars sat in the driveway, we ventured out as far as our legs and Steve's four wheeler would take us.  We walked to the store to get some groceries and some Thai food.  I loved having Steve and the kids home, nestled away, all together each day. 

I've made a couple new recipes that all have seemed to enjoy.  Some mustard chicken and more of the chicken pot pie soup.  Snowy days are perfect for soup and rolls, something warm and homemade.  I spent a good chunk of the weekend reading.  I'm so enjoying Tsh's book.  I'm wanting to simplify our life, especially focusing on the letting go of the things we have in our home, the things that clutter up our days.  Her book is inspiring me to do just that.  I want to let go so we have more room to spread out.  Less to clean and take care of and more time and energy to do and enjoy.  I'm finding inspiration in her book but still sorting through the decisions in my mind, the how of it all. 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I purchased books for those I love and they are wrapped and waiting.  This, this, and this for my boys, this for my girl.  I'm hoping to write little love letters to my munchkins and to my Steven.  The kids chose their valentine from the store.  Oh how they enjoy their lists of names, choosing the perfect card, attaching the chocolates.  Looking forward to another day of hearts, chocolates, love notes, and little gifts with those I love.   

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