Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PLAYFUL | My 2014 One Little Word

Playful, my word for 2014.  This year I want to embrace the fun and the joy of life.  I'm good at lists, work, getting things done, planning, following through, getting up early, making things happen, following a schedule, and just working through the process.  I'm far from perfect at these things but I strive each day to accomplish theses with moderate success.  I do find great joy in my work, I love accomplishing thing.  I'm not so good at having fun, letting go, being spontaneous, living in the moment, enjoying.  I work through the day until I finally crash at night, and then, when I am done, completely wiped out, I will relax in front of a movie, read a book, or just sleep. 

Going on adventures with my family has become a lot of work with 4 little ones and so much to do.  I find myself wanting to please everyone else in the process and forgetting what I would like to do.  I always have the lists and the schedule of the day's events in my mind.  I find it hard to let go of all that needs to be done and just enjoy. 

My goal with this word is to investigate and experiment with the idea of bringing more fun and play into my life, especially when it comes to my husband, kids, and myself.  What do I enjoy doing with my kids?  What do I enjoy doing with my husband?  What do I enjoy doing by myself?  I want my kids to remember me having fun and enjoying life.   

I'm participating in Ali Edward's class and enjoying the process of thinking, writing, and investigating this little word.  I also have some ideas of tasks (I'm good at those) that I want to do to experiment with this word.  I want to have fun with it.

I love goals and work and schedules.  I don't want to walk away from that, I just want to walk away from the stress and worry.  I know a big part of this will be just changing how I think about things, allowing myself to let go and embrace life.  I know I also need to simplify the process.  If there is less to do and worry about, there is more time for play.  My motto, keep it super simple and have fun.   

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