Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simple Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I thought I would share some gift ideas.  I purchased Steve a book and some chocolates.  I would also like to do one of the other items on the list and am still deciding what to do.  Keeping it simple.

1 | A love note.  This doesn't have to be overwhelming, set the timer for 5-10 minutes and write.  Leave on his pillow with a small piece of chocolate.

2 | A favorite book.  In my opinion, books are a wonderful gift for any holiday.

3 | A framed photo.  I love the idea of a current photo of the two of you, one from your dating or early years, or maybe a side by side photo of both of you as children.  Frame, wrap, and give.

4 | Coupon book.  Make this easy, just write up 2-3 coupons, things you know he really likes, stack them, tie with a string and give as a gift.  This would be a great use for Project Life cards.  There are so many coupon books online that are free to download and print. 

5 | Share your story.  Write down the story of how the two of you met.  Share it with him. 

6 | Plan a special date.  Tell him you want to surprise him by taking him out for an evening you have planned for just the two of you.  Try different restaurants by going to one for the appetizer, one for the entrée, and one for dessert.  Top it off with an something he would really like to do. 

7 | Cook his favorite meal.  Surprise him with his favorite meal.  Add a fun drink to make it special for Valentine's Day. 

8 | Make dessert together.  Buy all the ingredients for a fun new to you dessert.  After the kids are tucked away in bed, make it together.  Top off the evening with a sappy movie or pick something he would like.

9 | Massage oil and chocolates.  If your short on time, stop and get a box of chocolates and some massage oil.  Plan an evening in together and see where the evening takes you.  A perfect way to spend Valentine's Day.

10 | A fun new game.  Surprise him with a fun new board or card game.  Let your competitive side loose and flirt away the evening together.

Valentine's Day, such a great day to celebrate the one that you love.

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